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For the opening of the site and until April 30 :

  • 2% fee (98% of earnings from masternodes paid to investors)
  • 10% sponsorship (for every investment from your referrals you have 10% sponsorship to invest in the masternodes)

Investment in Bitcoin
on masternodes.

Rent parts of masternodes with your Bitcoins
Secure investments, regular earnings

Masternodes multi crypto Bitcoin

With Bitcoins invest in masternode shares on different currencies.

No exchange of money, no fees, 100% recovered investment + earnings from your masternodes.

1 - Make an investment in Bitcoin

Just register on the site and make an investment in Bitcoin

2 - Choose your masternodes

Choose shares in one or more masternodes according to the value of currencies converted to Bitcoin.

3 - And your earnings increase!

With each payment of your masternodes following your parts you touch your profits in Bitcoin.

Online masternodes :

of the node
Currency Server No. Parts taken (%) Last Payment Currency Value
Bitcoins distributed
of the node
Currency Server No. Parts taken (%) Last Payment Currency Value
Bitcoins distributed
#4OPCoinXSERVEUR 220.22019-03-26  08:42:1812,026.550.0029450250
#9CardBuyersSERVEUR 211.52019-03-26  13:01:5215,530.290.0049639230
#18e-Sport BettingSERVEUR 116.22019-03-26  08:59:363,877.340.0202110252
#20SATC Basic NodeSERVEUR 110.02019-03-26  10:05:38242.550.0007442995
#24DextroSERVEUR 210.02019-03-26  13:18:00209.470.0002216907

The waiting masternodes :

of the node
Currency Server No. Required parts Parts taken (%)
of the node
Currency Server No. Required parts Parts taken (%)
#3PAXEXSERVEUR 2500000.0
#7Sovereign CoinSERVEUR 3150000.0
#8CHelp The HomelessSERVEUR 425000000.0
#11Bitcoin GreenSERVEUR 125000.1
#12BulwarkSERVEUR 150000.0
#13CryptoDezireCashSERVEUR 3100000.0
#14EPICSERVEUR 1100000.0
#15Bitcoin MonsterSERVEUR 1500000.0
#16CollegicoinSERVEUR 120000.0
#17Bitcoin MonsterSERVEUR 2500000.0
#25Feston (T1)SERVEUR 115000.0

Latest earnings :

(2019-03-26  13:18:00) Gain node : DXO N° 1 Sharing -> Currency value : 11.025 -> Btc value : 0.0000116975

(2019-03-26  13:01:52) Gain node : BCARD N° 1 Sharing -> Currency value : 82.026 -> Btc value : 0.00000902286

(2019-03-26  10:05:38) Gain node : SATC N° 1 Sharing -> Currency value : 1.47 -> Btc value : 0.0000043071

(2019-03-26  08:59:36) Gain node : ESBC N° 1 Sharing -> Currency value : 9.8 -> Btc value : 0.000117727

(2019-03-26  08:42:18) Gain node : OPCX N° 1 Sharing -> Currency value : 51.45 -> Btc value : 0.0000097755

1 - How to acquire masternode shares?

Just make an investment (minimum 0.0001 Bitcoin) and choose one or more masternodes

2 - How much can I win?

98% gains from masternodes are paid to users with shares in the masternode, earnings vary according to the ROI of the masternode, and the value of the currency.

3 - What are the fees?

No fees, no exchange of money just to touch your winnings No installation to do, no server rental.

4 - I can invest on several masternodes?

Yes, it is even better to diversify your investments.You can invest from 0.1% of a masternode up to 10%

5 - The masternodes are all online?

Some masternodes are already online either with user-less shares that can be taken or without free shares. Other masternodes are expecting to have enough share to be in line.

6 - Can I get information about masternodes?

Yes, on each masternode you have a link on the website masternode.online with all the information about ROI, currency and potential earnings.

7 - Do I have to buy other currencies?

No, with your investment in Bitcoin you take shares of masternodes and your winnings are returned in Bitcoin, no exchange to make.

8 - Can I recover my investment?

Yes, at any time after closing all your shares on the masternodes. 5%

9 - The winnings come all the combians?

In the hour following the payment of the masternode, your Bitcoin earnings are credited to your account.The conversion of the currency of the masternode is done automatically at the rate of the moment of the gain.

10 - Can I recover my winnings?

Yes, from 0.00005000 Bitcoin instant payment on the blockchain

11 - How does the sponsorship work?

10 % of the value of the investment as a gift.With this gift it is possible to take masternode shares but it is not possible to make a withdrawal. to be withdrawn

12 - Where I find my referral link

In the menu at the top of your user space

The latest news :

Suppression masternode MON
Collateral change from 1000MON to 50000MON! The masternode is deactivated and user shares are returned for other investments.

Monster Bitcoin (MON)
The Monster Bitcoin masternode (MON) will change collateral from 1000 to 50000. Yes 50 000. So the masternode will be stopped soon and user shares will be returned at Bitcoin market price of course. Considering the increase of the collateral the masternode will not return immediately.

Dextro Core
Dextro Core return to explore, return automatic payments and manual payment of missing earnings

Dextro Core
Currently there is a blocking of the Dextro Core explorer. User payments will be done manually by the end of the week hoping for a quick return to normal.

Node DXO
Opening and putting on line a masternode in DXO

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