Investment in Bitcoin

on masternodes.

How does it work?

A masternode!

What does the term MasterNode mean?

A masternode is a node connected to a network from which transactions are made, but also for the purpose of creating / receiving / transmitting information through a communication channel via software connected to the network 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d.


Multi Crypto Masternodes in Bitcoin
With your Bitcoins invested in masternode shares on different currencies.
No exchange of money, no fee.
Return of gains after exchange at market price + gains of your masternode shares.

The masternodes

Other masternodes

Derniers Gains


2019-07-16  17:26:28

#28 PRJ N° 1

20.79 PRJ

0.00000058212 Btc


2019-07-16  17:22:23

#35 PRJ N° 2

20.79 PRJ

0.00000058212 Btc


2019-07-16  17:11:57

#24 DXO N° 1

8.1675 DXO

0.0000019602 Btc


2019-07-16  17:10:03

#33 LON N° 1

2.3166 LON

0.00000771428 Btc

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  • 1 - How to acquire masternode shares?

    Just make an investment (minimum 0.0001 Bitcoin) and choose one or more masternodes

  • 2 - How much can I win?

    99% gains from masternodes are paid to users with shares in the masternode, earnings vary according to the ROI of the masternode, and the value of the currency.

  • 3 - What are the fees?

    No fees, no exchange of money just to touch your winnings No installation to do, no server rental.

  • 4 - I can invest on several masternodes?

    Yes, it is even better to diversify your investments.You can invest from 0.1% of a masternode up to 15%

  • 5 - The masternodes are all online?

    Some masternodes are already online either with user-less shares that can be taken or without free shares. Other masternodes are expecting to have enough share to be in line.

  • 6 - Can I get information about masternodes?

    Yes, on each masternode you have a link on the website masternode.online with all the information about ROI, currency and potential earnings.

  • 7 - Do I have to buy other currencies?

    No, with your investment in Bitcoin you take shares of masternodes and your winnings are returned in Bitcoin, no exchange to make.

  • 8 - Can I recover my investment?

    Yes, at any time after closing all your shares on the masternodes. Fees of: 5%

  • 9 - The winnings come all the combians?

    In the hour following the payment of the masternode, your Bitcoin earnings are credited to your account.The conversion of the currency of the masternode is done automatically at the rate of the moment of the gain.

  • 10 - Can I recover my winnings?

    Yes, from 0.00010000 Bitcoin instant payment on the blockchain

  • 11 - How does the sponsorship work?

    8 % of the value of the investment as a gift.With this gift it is possible to take masternode shares but it is not possible to make a withdrawal. to be withdrawn

  • 12 - Where I find my referral link

    In the menu at the top of your user space


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